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and several other big industrial companies, with the idea of starting an atromid trial project among employees who were well but who were at high risk with high cholesterol. The idea would be to see whether or not atromid could prevent first heart attacks and death among people that are now considered well employees. This meeting went well yesterday and I'm hoping that the National Heart Institute and the group that represents industry will for the first time do a cooperative trial of a drug, because it might be a wonderful pattern for the future.


It's a good wedding of elements, isn't it?


As far as politics goes this year, I was a supporter of Robert Wagner for Democratic candidate for mayor in the primary. Had Wagner won we would have gotten a very good methadone program going. As Wagner lost, I had to support Lindsay, as there seemed to be no choice. I haven't seen him since election and I haven't reminded him of what I told him. That's one of the things I should do.

As to beautification, the last advisory committee meeting was the 16th of January last year, '69, and at this meeting these stamps which I've give you were about to appear. I think they were distributed actually about

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