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the 19th. They were the net result of a collaboration between Mrs. Johnson and me and the Post Office. Fortunately, the Postmaster General was Marvin Watson, who'd been the President's chief assistant, and Marvin Watson explained to the Stamp Committee executives that it was absolutely necessary to do these stamps and he was going to do them no matter what. They were so popular that they were never on sale after the first day or so in any Post Office that I could find. They do bring a message of “Plant for a More Beautiful City”, “Plant for More Beautiful Highways”, Plant for More Beautiful Streets”, “Plant for More Beautiful Parks”.


Anybody who's seen your private album of pictures of Washington -- this is reminiscent.


Yes, isn't it? The first day ceremony for the stamps was at the White House on the 16th of January, and it was sad because it was at the very end of the administration. Nash Castro, who had been so helpful to the beautification efforts in Washington, left the Park Service and has gone to work for the New York State Palisades State Park Commission, where he'll und oubtedly get more trees and flowers planted than they've ever had before.


Well, that's a Rockefeller --

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