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Well, we're doing a major fact book, but actually they've done very good studies themselves in the committee. Very good studies.


What is the position of the President on this?


Oh, I'm sure he's against it, because he's a prisoner of the AMA which raised a million and a half dollars for him through one of their non-tax-deductible funds, and I'm sure he's going to take their position. No doubt of that.

Some other important pieces of legislation that went through Congress were the Family Plenning Bill, which Senator Tydings introduced in the Senate and got through the Senate. Believe it or not, I saw him and he said he didn't know how to get it through the House. He didn't know what to do. And wouldn't I go to see Congressman Staggers about it, who was the chairman of Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee, and who would be -- which is the committee that would hear the bill.

I went to Staggers, and Staggers said yes, he would hold hearings on the bill or see that they were held, and he would see that the bill was passed. We also went to see Mr. Jarman he's a Congressman from Oklahoma who was chairman of the subcommittee. He held hearings. We went and pleaded with them to try to get a rule. They adjourned, when was it, just before the election, without a Nouse rule for the bill. They adjourned at the end of October. He finally got a rule to bring the bill up on the, not on the Consent calendar but what's the other? there's another calendar, not consent.

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