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introduced. Tydings wanted it always, always has been in favor of it, and I've always admired him for his interest in this. I think I may have been helpful on the House side. I don't know that they'd have gotten it done as fast. I think they would have eventually gotten it, but Idoubt they'd have gotten it done quite as fast as they did with -- because I'm friendly with Staggers. And have access to him.

Now, the new thing that I worked on, since a year ago last May -- was to get conquest of cancer made a national goal. I think I told you a lot about my efforts, first to try to get Nixon to appoint a panel of consultants, and then at the same time I worked on Yarborough, and finally gave up Nixon and concentrated on Yarborough, and Yarborough finally sent a resolution in March', and in the month of March Mike Gorman and luke Quann and I worked to get some co-sponsors. only got 10 by sending the bill around to members of the Senate. We got another 43.


Was it difficult to get these co-sponsors?


Well, it just takes time rounding them up. There wasn't a lot of opposition to it, I must say. It was only a bill to study the question and it only involved $250,000. But anything is difficult. Talking to that many people is difficult, you know, or talking to their offices.

Then, when the bill passed, Yarborough said, “Now, who will we appoint?” I said, “Who do you want?” He said, “I only know one person I want and that's a man called Jubal Parton, a very nice businessman in Texas.” So I gave him the rest of the panel's names --

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