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Theodore Wilkinson and family - who had moved to Hawaii temporarily) out in Arlington [VA] and we took over this mansion as a very nominal rent and lived there and expanded our group. So there were about a dozen bachelors living in this enormous house in Arlington and it was quite an interesting group of boys, all of whom were far more distinguished than I. Several were law clerks to various justices of the Supreme Court; almost all of them were lawyers, having come from Harvard, Yale, and then later from other law schools, too. And this house (our second house, which was the large one across the [Potomac] River) was called Hockley and we really established a tradition which lasted for some years because as the [Second World] War came, many of us (including me, among the first) went into service, but some didn't, and the “house,” so-called, continued in different premises and actually - with personnel changing all the time - continued on until a good many years after the War with personnel in other locations - but still was called Hockley-- so that now on occasion I run into people who lived at Hockley whom I never even heard of. Of course, they were living in one of the successor houses, perhaps ten years later, and were people I didn't know at all. At any rate, I only mention this because it was an interesting group of fellows. One of them, Phil Graham, has since become the publisher of the Washington Post. He was a lawyer, married to Mr. Meyer's daughter. One of them [Adrian Fisher], who was a clerk to one of the Supreme Court Justices - I don't remember which - is now deputy to [John J.] McCloy in the Special Disarmament Commission. Another one [William L. Cary] has just been named Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.


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