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article. I pointed this out to him and said I just didn't see any place in the Times where this could be published, because we just didn't have a place for that kind of fairly short piece that was too long and inappropriate as a letter, and not a news story, and not adequate as a magazine piece, in my view. That was clear.

The next thing Ed did was the obvious thing to do, he sent it over to the Tribune, and it was published in the place on the editorial page that the Tribune had reserved for outside fairly short articles, longer than letters. The Herald Tribune had a space that they sometimes used, under the cartoon.


Right. One can date this, not that it's very important, but one can date this from determining when the Tribune went out of existence, which I don't really remember.


This was of course before that. In any case, that little incident set me to thinking that the Times, by God, ought to have a place for just this kind of thing. An outside commentary on an interesting subject that would be neither - wouldn't be for magazine, and would be something quite different from letters.

Eventually, this gnawed at my mind, and I thought it was absurd that the Times didn't have such a place. It would be a great thing if the Times did have more than just one hole to be occasionally used, as the Tribune did. And I raised this question with Orvil Dryfoos one day, in one of our walks downtown. We used to walk quite often down to the office together. And because of that circumstance, I guess that it probably was some time around 1960 or earlier.

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