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I was lobbying for the 54 Hour Bill and I saw the Roosevelt-Sheehan fight partly as it was reflected by the comments of the other Democratic Senators and partly as it was reflected in the comments of some of the Republicans, men that I respected like Josiah Newcomb and Mayhew Wainwright, who were intelligent and bright-minded and not just gloating over a Democratic division. Partly I saw it reflected in the comments of one or two newspaper men, whom I knew who were there in Albany as Albany reporters like Harold Stokes. Joe Hammitt was there representing the Citizen's Union and Bob Binkerd representing the City Club. Then there was also a very nice man representing the Civil Service Reform Association. They were much more experienced lobbyists than I was. They had been representing these reform - civic reform and political reform - activities for many years. They knew their way around and I didn't. As a matter of fact, they were the ones who taught me my way around. They showed me. They were very kind to me. Introduced me to people. Told me who was important and all that kind of

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