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knew about Chauncey Depew was what I'd seen in Harper's Weekly in the cartoons and the gossip that ran from mouth to mouth about his carryings on at Delmonico's and places like that. I didn't know any of these things of my own knowledge. I remember being told by Josiah Newcomb that surely Chauncey Depew had some great shortcomings as an individual, but that they weren't the particular kind that he was incapable of patriotic action. He understood the problems and had a very good mind. Sheehan did not have a good mind. Sheehan was not only without much probity of character but he was not a man with any intellectual capacity. We shouldn't have such people.

The regular New York City Tammany Democrats just berated Roosevelt as being stuck-up, giving himself airs, and also saying that he'd ruin himself politically by this. He had a great future, but this was going to ruin him. I know that they told him that it was going to ruin him.

I wasn't deeply interested in the matter. What I was interested in was getting all the votes possible for the 54 Hour Law. That's why I was up at Albany. That's why I was hanging around. That's why I was noticing who was who and what they were doing. I expressed no opinions on anything except my bill because I wanted them to vote for my bill.

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