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This was my rationalization of it and this was what I told my husband who was also quite a feminist and thought it was a good idea. You can't do that kind of thing, of course, unless your partner is thoroughly agreeable to it. It can't be done by people whose husbands feel badly about it - it mustn't be done. I was just at the point in my life, through the Committee on Safety and through the Consumers' League work, when I was in correspondence and in professional contact with quite important people all over the country on matters of building regulations, fire regulations, labor legislation. I was getting letters from the heads of Labor Departments in the various states and professors in colleges. I was beginning to have just a little bit of a reputation, of being somebody whose ideas were good and who was promoting projects that were useful.

I was very puffed up, I suppose, about the fact that I could sign a letter and my name meant something to the Labor Commissioner of California. If I were Mrs. Paul C. Wilson, I was just some body's wife and he wondered who Paul Wilson was. He didn't wander who I was. I felt that there was a professional handicap after my name had been established in changing my name. My name had been established and it's rather difficult for a person to establish his name. I hadn't particularly worked at it, but it was done

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