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I was standing right by the stand and heard something I don't think anyone else did. As he started to leave the stand he bowed ceremoniously to Mr. Walsh Ivy Lee leaned over and said to him, “Go down and speak to old Mrs. Jones.” Mr. Rockefeller looked as if he had been shot dead. He had a look of utter horror! He looked as though he had been told to do the impossible. Ivy Lee said again, “Go down and speak to old Mrs. Jones!”

Mr. Rockefeller went down the steps, down the middle aisle, arrived at the center of the hall where Mother Jones was sitting, shook her by the hand and said, “Good afternoon, Mrs. Jones.” She was astonished. She jumped up out of her seat. She didn't quite put her arms around him, but she grasped him and said, “Ah my biy, you're all right after all. You're a good biy. You're all right, young man. You'll go far.”

It was the most cheering kind of a thing. I've often thought that it must have been one of the most terrible moments in Mr. Rockefeller's life, because it was so conspicuous, and seemed to him, of course, so cheaply theatrical. But it was Ivy Lee's advice, and he did it. I really do think the tide turned at that moment. It had been running against the Rockefellers and everything to do with them in the way of

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