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I do do some painting. The truth is that I've never been much of a painter, except that I painted on Sundays and weekends for the fun of it while we were out in Mount Kisco. I've been a student of modern painting and have been greatly impressed by it ever since the Armory Show or even before that. I remember that very well. That was one of the most important occasions of my life. It was held before the First World War, and I think it was just before I was married. I think it was in 1913.

I'd always been interested in painting all my life. My mother was. My mother was a considerable amateur artist. She always could draw and sketch anything. She always painted. She could be called a Sunday painter. She could illustrate anything. She could model anything out of clay. One of the ways she entertained children was to model horses, donkeys, cows and various things. She sketched very well indeed. Her only training was boarding school lessons in art, but she turned out very nice things. I have things which she painted that are still very good indeed. I still say that

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