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was really quite good painting. She painted china when china painting was in fashion. When I was robbed when my house in Maine was broken into a few years ago, to my astonishment among the things that they took was practically all of my mother's hand painted china. It's the fashion now. It's an antique fashion all of a sudden. I got some of it back. They were antique thieves and took nothing that they didn't think was antique.

So I was always interested in art. I always went to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts to see what was going on. Claude Monet was the great modernist in my youth. We went down and “ohed” an “ahed” about the purple cows and green haycocks, or were they purple haycocks - I don't remember. They were the wrong color. Haycocks aren't that color. There were some beautiful Monets in the Boston museum. They were the extreme of modern painting at that time. As we know now, that was the beginning of the Barbizon school. My mother was interested in it, as were her friends, so I went. I had been taken to art museums ever since I was a child. I was greatly taken with the new kind of painting. At least it was new to me. I had been brought up on the classical stuff, had been taken to museums and had seen it properly.

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