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“Why don't you go and take an advanced degree in this subject? Your education was in another field completely. Why don't you take a master's degree and go on and be a scholar and teacher?” He was a wonderful man with a great interest in his students.

I supposed I discovered my mind at that time. I never knew before that that I had a mind. I learned easily, but I never knew that I had a mind that starts, operates on its own scheme, inquires, penetrates, goes to the bottom of things, puts two and two together and comes to some logical conclusions that have authority. I had never thought of that. What I had picked up in the way of knowledge was interesting, but I never felt any profundity to my thinking or placed any reliance on it. I had never really grown up. I think I matured at that time. I was a late bloomer. I became a mature mentality, rather than just a growing mentality. I remember plainly saying to myself, “Well, really, I can think just as well as anybody else. I don't have to ‘ask teacher.’ I can find out.”

Dr. Patten suggested this continued study and then fished around further and searched around for a fellowship for me at Columbia. He fished around and got a fellowship. I don't know what fellowship it was, but it was for study in this field.

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