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a homely man, a big man, tall, big and rangy, who wore spectacles. He was not very chatty, although he did have some awfully funny things to say. He could make the darndest little jokes that I still remember. Those of us were there would quote them.

There was a man named Harry Fitch Taylor who was an artist and had been a student of Twachtman. He wasn't a very good artist - a kind of a minor artist. But he had an artistic temperament. He later married Clara Potter, who was Bishop Henry Codman Potter's daughter. She was Mrs. Davage at the time I knew her. She was a young woman whose husband had died. She used to come out to Cos Cob and was a great friend of “Uncle Harry's.” She later married him. The MacRae children always called Taylor “Uncle Harry.” He'd been around a long time. He had a couple of rooms in a very old house - a house as old as the Holly House was. The roof leaked, the wind blew through it and everything, but it was a beautiful house. Mr. Hassam painted several pictures of it. A picture of it hangs in the Metropolitan. That picture is called “The Old House.” “Uncle Harry” lived in there in a couple of rooms on the second floor. It was cold and unpleasant. He was always invited to a good many meals at the Holley House because they knew he didn't have quite

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