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enough to eat. He cooked for himself. Among other things he bough a sewing machine so that he could mend his own clothes end make his own shirts. He'd buy some cotton cloth cheap and make himself some shirts or a night shirt, mend his clothes.

One of the things he acquired for the cold winter night was a hot water bottle. He was over one time boasting that he had the life of Riley. He was comfortable. He had a sewing machine and the hot water bottles were Harry's wife and concubines.

Seitz was amiable. He was very countrified. His speech was a little on the countrified side. I don't mean that it was ungrammatical, but it was inelegant. It was sophisticatedly inelegant. He meant it to be that way and you knew that he meant it to be that way. You knew that he meant you to deduce that he was a simple American. But he was very shrewd. He was a nice man. I never knew him well enough to know what he would do under stress or strain.

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