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marriage, her daughter, and particularly with Al.

It must have cost a pretty penny. That's what almost everybody present who'd known Al a long time said to themselves, “It must be costing a pretty penny.” That kind of thing is very expensive. The food was so elaborate and there was so much of it. There were so many kinds. There was caviar, pâté de foie gras, chicken done up in fancy ways, lobster Newburg, chicken Gallatin, and all the other things that are so expensive. There were all kinds of little tidbits to eat, ices, fruits, and so on. It was a real spread of the old-fashioned kind. It's not to be had now. There was cold ham, cold beef and all the things that go with a cold buffet.

The wedding began by one o'clock. People stayed and stayed and stayed. I seem to remember going back to New York on an eight o'clock train or something like that. People had a perfectly lovely time. It was a nice day in June and they went out on the grounds. They enjoyed each other. There was plenty of champagne. There were a tremendous lot of people having a lovely time.

No one really had a chance to talk to Al for any length of time, because he stood in the receiving line and then circulated among the guests. You told him what a fine party it was. He said, “Do you like it?”

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