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remember any personal detail connected with it. It was a great funeral, and I did go to it. It was in the Cathedral in New York. It had less color to me than some of the lesser lights, because they put on an awful lot of style at Murphy's funeral. At Monte McHugh's and people like that's funeral, the funeral was in their own parish church and more natural.

Tammany disintegrated after Murphy's death, which was just before the convention of 1924. George W. Olvaney became the leader and had neither Smith nor Hylan behind him. I knew Olvaney very well and I thought very little of him. He was a sly, shifty person, always doing something on the side. You never had any faith in him or any confidence in him. He was tall and one of those large men with a long face and a little bit of a mouth in a great big face, a long nose and very, very shifty eyes. You just felt always that he was up to something. He was a past master at playing both ends against the middle.

I forget who made him either Fire Commissioner or Deputy Fire Commissioner in the City of New York. I think Hylan made him Fire Commissioner, but before that, during the period that we were making our good, big fight for the factory legislation that followed the Triangle Fire, Olvaney was a Tammany hall district leader and always playing both ends against the middle. He got himself made Counsel for the Real Estate

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