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In the autumn of 1919, or in the spring of the following year, when Al Smith was Governor, politics was, as always, an absorbing topic and everybody was talking about it. I had often said in conferences that I wasn't a Democrat. I was an Independent. I wasn't a member of any party. I had never enrolled. As a matter of fact, I hadn't. I don't know whether word of the fact that I hadn't enrolled reached Al Smith through the district leader of the area in which I lived and where they would look for it. When he appointed me, I was just a person to their way of thinking. He assumed that I was a Democrat. At least, he said he did later. He presumed I was. Or perhaps he got it from some of my casual remarks that I wasn't a Democrat, but an Independent voter. I voted for whom I thought was the right man and for the right program. I certainly didn't call myself a thorough-going bona fide Democrat. I would always vote for the right person. I thought Al Smith was the right person and I was very enthusiastic about him. I wasn't voting for him as a Democrat.

He was in New York in either the fall of '19 or the

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