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spring of the next year. He telephoned me and said he wanted to see me about something. He often telephoned me. We talked back and forth to Albany frequently about the business of the Industrial Commission or labor legislation - things of that sort. He said he'd like to talk to me about something and could I come over to the Biltmore?

So I went over to the Biltmore. I was taken up to his suite. There were some other people around in the little sitting room that went with the suite. There was another room out behind where the secretary was pounding away. There were quite a few people around. Al was told that I was there. He came out to the door of his bedroom. He was in his shirt sleeves, with his vest, as he always called it, open and his shirtsleeves rolled up. He was smoking away at one of his big cigars. He said, “Hello, Commissioner, how are you?”

I don't recall the other men there. I think Johnny Gilchrist was there, because he was always there. They were sitting around in the little sitting room and waiting for one thing or another. He said to them, “I want to talk to the Commissioner. You don't mind if I take her ahead of you, Johnny?”

“Oh, that's all right.”

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