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So he said, “Come on in here will you, Commissioner?,” taking me into the bedroom, which was the only room that wasn't full of politicians.

I remember that it was quite early in the morning because the chamber maids hadn't done their work and it was in considerable disorder. He was in his shirtsleeves and said, “Take a chair.” I sat down. He put his hands in his galluses and he said, “Commissioner, I want to talk to you about politics.”

I said, “Well, that's an interesting topic, Governor - a lovely topic.”

“Well,” he said, “I meant straight politics. Somebody told me youse wasn't a Democrat.”

I said, “Oh, really. I don't know whether that's true or not. I don't think I know what a Democrat is.”

“Well,” he said, “you been around a while.”

“Yes,” I said, “but I've never had the opportunity to vote until just now, just this last election, so I never really had to face the music about politics and whether I was a Democrat or not.”

“Well,” he said, “don't you know whether you's a Democrat?”

I said, “Well, I suppose I am. At least in the years

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