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Secretary who ran the place, but he didn't run it. Nothing ran. It was really very, very badly conducted.

The Governor had told me, when he told me he was going to appoint me, or shortly thereafter - I don't remember which time it was - that he had made up his mind to appoint a Moreland Act Commissioner to investigate and propose the reorganization, reform and correction of wrong things in the Industrial Commission. He wanted me to know it and wanted me to know who he was going to appoint - Jerry O'Connor. He wanted me to get in touch with Jerry O'Connor and keep in touch with him. The Moreland Act Commissioner is greatly dreaded in New York State. Every department always dreads to see him coming. The Governor wanted me to know this and to know that naturally the investigation would not be directed against me, because I was the new member of the Commission, but that it would be a very thorough investigation. He counted on me to assist O'Connor in digging out what ought to be dug out and also to assist him in digging out some trustworthy people within the Commission who could be relied upon to dig out facts and make them available to O'Connor.

The Governor also told me, and asked my advice, which was very enthusiastically in favor of this, that he expected to appoint Bernard Shientag as the Counsel. He was the young

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