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of independent voters who don't make up their minds in advance.

Also it's a way to raise money from sources that were not ordinarily asked to give money to a party campaign. The party always raised the money, and in that method of raising the money, from people who were dependent on the local party organization, there was a lot of corruption that crept in. Mrs. Moskowitz saw that Al had got to be protected from getting money from places where he ought not to get money for his campaign. She was very quick on these techniques of raising money from sources that couldn't be questioned, scattering the responsibility.

This invention was not during the '28 campaign, but was earlier during the campaigns for Governor when she first came over to his side. She was a brilliant person. She was a housewife, a graduate of Hunter College, a product of the City of New York. Her father and mother were charming, lovely German-Jewish people who lived in the old style. I went to supper with her. After her husband died, her father and mother made common household with her, I suppose to help her with expenses, and so forth. They had a house in Yonkers. I was invited there to supper on a Friday night once. All the Jewish customs prevailed. The father, the patriarch, was at the head of the table, with the children around him.

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