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The youngest child did something. I've forgotten what he did. The candles were lighted. The old man put his cap on and his shawl and he said a special prayer. It was perfectly beautiful.

She was then Mrs. Israels. Her father's name was Lindner. She was so beautiful. She was so handsome. She looked so perfectly lovely as she stood there at that table. I remember the picture plainly.

That was all that she was. She was a girl who grew up in New York City of German parents who had come here. She was born in New York. She grew up in New York, went to the public schools, went to Hunter College. I think she taught one term, but not more than that, and then married. She was a housewife. She had no professional experience when she pitched into this kind of thing. It just snows what a good and orderly mind can do. She was a good housewife. She managed nor affairs well. After her husband died she managed her personal affairs very well. She just had that quality. That was all. She was self-made. She developed magnificent judgment. She was a sort of secretary and a go-between for all sorts of people.

One thing I don't know, and never shall know, as it's one of the things I never had a chance to talk to her about, is how she over got mixed up with John J. Raskob. Raskob

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