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operate - very difficult state by state with different benefits and different collection systems. It would have been bedlam, but it would have been better than nothing. That's what we were headed for. We wanted to have agreements between these states to have it as much as possible uniform between them.

On January 28, 1929 Governor Roosevelt submitted his budget to the Legislature. In his message he said he was submitting the report on the Labor Department of Dr. Lindsay Rogers, who was the Moreland Act Commissioner. F.D.R. asked that the appropriation for the Labor Department be made in a lump sum and asked for $50,000 extra for junior placement work.

I'm pretty sure that Lindsay Rogers was Moreland Act Commissioner. That is the device by which the Governor can keep control of various departments and activities not only of the state, but of the counties and cities in New York State. He has the exclusive right to appoint the Moreland Act Commissioner. His expenses, approved by the Governor, must be paid. By that device the Governor is able to keep control of activities. He's also able to get a constructive recommendation for expansion, let's say, of an activity or department, or changes in the law, or changes in the form of administration.

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