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When I came in as Industrial Commissioner, Hamilton had just preceded me. Hamilton did nothing. So far as the administration of the Department was concerned it just limped along. It also had Miss Sara McPike, who was the secretary of the Department. She'd been appointed quite a while back. She had very little on the ball. We all had liked her in the early days of the woman suffrage movement, because she was the president of the Joan of Arc Association and was one of the few Roman Catholic women who was persuaded to come out and be for suffrage. It meant quite a lot of support for the woman suffrage movement way back in the early days. That was how Miss Sara McPike ever came to anybody's attention. She was a stenographer-secretary in one of the big companies. I was about to say that she was in the Edison Company, but of that I'm not sure. If it wasn't the Edison Company, it was some other big company. She was strictly in the New York office. That had been her post. She had been a good secretary. She'd worked up in it. It wasn't her professional but her religious affiliation that made her important to the suffrage movement.

Her name appeared on every letterhead, because the suffrage movement was full of federations of this and that. The more federations there were in it the better. Far from trying to have one big organization, the organizers of the

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