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woman's suffrage movement knew that in good organization you have a lot of organizations. You let them stay apart and have a lot of presidents and vice presidents and secretaries, and executive committees and well distributed honors, glory and responsibility. That keeps the idea that you're propagandizing alive in many minds in many areas. Whereas if you had to put them all into one organization, that's all the place there is. There isn't any other propaganda. It doesn't spring from the people themselves. It just comes from headquarters. So this dispersal or diversification of interest was a steady principle in the woman suffrage movement. As Mrs. Anna Shaw used to say, “Why the more the merrier. Let's go out and organize another one.”

So whenever you had a letterhead all the way down the side were the names of people and organizations. Miss Sara McPike of the Joan of Arc Association was very important. She had a pretty good little suffrage committee that worked among the various Catholic societies - women's societies.

I think it was Shientag who had appointed her as Secretary of the Department. When some of us said, “What in the world did you do that for?”, he said, “Oh, well, I thought she was a good woman suffragist and I always liked her. She's a nice woman.”

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