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of new ideas. He was young. He was fresh. He developed ideas all the time. He didn't just sit in a corner and carry out instructions. He was an originating kind of a person.

He married a very nice girl, Mary Louise Sims. She'd worked in one of the social organizations that I knew something about or had some connection with. So we knew them on a personal side.

Moses was always burning up with ideas - just burning up with them! Everything he saw walking around the city made him think of some way that it could be better. He thought of that great drive over the New York Central tracks on the west side long before he had any public office from anybody. They abolished “Death Avenue” with that. That was Eleventh Avenue downtown where the railroad trains went right straight through the heavily populated part of the city and the heavy trucking part of the city. I remember seeing old men riding a horse in front of the engine, waving a flag or ringing a bell. Finally, by ordinance they reduced the speed of the trains to a speed at which a horse could walk. That was done by city ordinance. I think it was under Gaynor that they did that. Up until that time the trains buzzed along and killed people. Even so, they killed some people. You can't stop a train, even though it's going slowly, very

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