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I knew Bob Moses long before he had anything to do with Al Smith. He, of course, worked for the Bureau of Municipal Research. In the Bureau of Municipal Research he was a promising young man who was, I guess, quarreled with most of the time. My husband and Henry Bruere both knew him. Paul always rather liked him. I think Henry Bruere did too for that matter, but he quarreled with Fred Cleveland, William H. Allen and people like that who were the heads of the Bureau of Municipal Research. They thought he was fresh, always knew too much, was too smart, didn't follow orders particularly well, didn't carry out Allen's projects and thought of things of his own. Many people quarreled with Allen, but Allen was nearly always right in those situations. He had a very good and big idea. He wanted it done the way he wanted it done because he was responsible.

I don't think Bob Moses was fired by the Bureau of Municipal Research, but he was always jumping over the traces and they were always expressing their views of him as being too big for his boots, partly because he was full

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