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got a divorce from his wife and then married Betty Compton. He did get a divorce, although it was strictly against his religious principles.

I have heard that he wrote an autobiography that has never been published. I can't say who told me, but I certainly heard it enough times that I supposed it was so. I never gave it much thought, but I supposed that it was and that it would be published some time. As I think about it, Charlie Hand comes into my mind as someone who told me that and said it was terrific. Charlie Hand was an awfully nice fellow, but he was also part bluff and a newspaper man originally.

I saw just a few weeks ago (November or December 1952) that Jimmy's estate was finally settled and a surrogate's report was published in the New York Times. He had left a legacy to his first wife, Janet Walker, who now lives in Brooklyn, according to the report. He and Betty Compton adopted some children and he left to them and to Janet the same amount. It wasn't very great, just ten or fifteen thousand dollars, but he left her this by will.

Jimmy was a novel, rather than a serious, public figure. I don't think he ever took anything seriously. I don't think he took himself seriously. I don't think he took the City of New York seriously. The City of New York was like a pretty girl he took out for the evening to him.

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