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A couple of days later he must have realized that it was a tour de force, that it was going to help him politically, but I don't think he realized it that day.

Tammany was not pleased about this. Tammany understood that if a fellow has committed illegal acts, he's likely to get caught and if he gets caught, he's got to take the rap. They understand that. Such Tammany men as I ever talked to about it would say, “It's too bad Jimmy didn't know how to handle himself. It's too bad Jimmy didn't know what he ought to do.” It was a kind of regret and unbelief - how could anybody be so dumb. They might have done just the same, or worse, in his shoes, but after the fact, looking at it, they felt sorry for Jimmy and they liked Jimmy, but they were not supporting him for doing that.

Of course, Al Smith wasn't supporting him for doing that. Al said, “Jimmy's got to take it. Jimmy was a fool. I warned Jimmy. I did everything I could for him. Jimmy's just a fool. That's all. You've got to put that down to the facts of life. I don't know what else the Governor could have done. Anybody would have to do the same.”

Jimmy finally married Betty Compton. The gossip was that she was alleged to be living with Jimmy. I had no knowledge of it and never knew her. After his removal and the collapse, he then ignored all the religious prohibitions,

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