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had no wisp of an idea that I would be Secretary of Labor. I was thinking of working under Lehman in New York and was delighted to do so. I was present at Lehman's inauguration on January 1, 1933.

I have a letter from Roosevelt to me, dated December 31, saying.

Thanks for the Christmas greetings. I will see you at dinner. Grateful for your good work in New York State.

I was undoubtedly at dinner in the Executive Mansion in Albany, while Roosevelt was still Governor, on New Year's Eve. Inauguration in Albany is a big time. It's always heavily celebrated. Even the Smiths celebrated when Roosevelt came in. They gave a big dinner, a big time, with a reception afterwards. Whether this note of Roosevelt's refers to the fact that he was going to see me at dinner that night, or at dinner some other time, I don't know. I did have dinner with them, of course, occasionally quite informally, en famille. It might have been something that was going to be done next week. The date of it being what it is it's quite likely that it was the dinner that night. He was probably writing some final notes to a number of his associates, thanking them for what they had done. He doesn't say anything special in that, except to thank

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