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President and was retiring in a blaze of glory, and Lehman was coming to be Governor. That was another blaze of glory. So there were two blazes of glory going on at the same time. There was a big dinner at the Executive Mansion the night before the inauguration. Of course, the politicians from all over the state were there, as were the party leaders from the Assembly and the Senate. I'm even sure the opposition was asked. The minority leaders in both houses were always asked. The bishop of Albany, Bishop G. Ashton Oldham, was there. I remember plainly that Mary Hun was there. She was a great friend of the Roosevelt's. That was Marcus Hun's daughter.

Social life in the Executive Mansion during the Roosevelt period was very nice. There hadn't been a period like that for a long time. This was a big dinner in the best tradition. That was that. I don't remember anything that was said, except that everybody was in a blaze of glory, everybody was happy, everybody was congratulatory.

I talked to Roosevelt at this time, but never about being Secretary of Labor - certainly not! It was not in my mind. I don't know whether it was in his mind or not. I don't think it had even been rumored in the papers by this time that I was a possibility for this office. It's my impression that it was mentioned later than that.

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