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there was a lot of money being made available to them.

It was also during this period that she began making friends for him with the John W. Davis outfit and that group of people who were in a more ornamental social class. He didn't have too much political influence, but he belonged to a powerful law firm. He was more powerful then than now. He was quite a party. As a lawyer he was a good lawyer and had excellent connections.

Those friendships led Al into a pattern of friendships that he had never made before. Raskob was no addition to his friendships except that he was rich and could provide plenty of comfort and luxury in his house parties. He didn't have anything to add in the way of brains or point of view. John W. Davis and some of the others had that, though.

That began a period when Al was treated to flattery of a kind he hadn't been accustomed to. He'd always had lots of flattery, but he understood that kind of political flattery. This was a different type. I really don't know what happened to Al. Although I never lost contact with him and never stopped seeing him, I don't actually know the progress of his mental processes at this point, except that he appeared to get more and more out with Roosevelt.

I went over to New York frequently when I was Secretary

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