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Susanna and I came to Washington on the train. Curiously, a considerable number of people in their enthusiasm, said, “We're going to go down and see Frances inaugurated.” I remember the Brueres came, as did the Hammonds, the Beeches and three or four other people. A cousin of mine from Boston put on his hat, took his two sons who were then in Harvard and brought them down. A lot of people from the New York Department of Labor came down - a lot of them!

I had a reception in the Willard Hotel on the Sunday afternoon, just for the Department of Labor people of New York, to which I invited everybody else who had come down on account of me. There must have been thirty-odd people who came down from the Department of Labor. I had this reception on Sunday, March 5th.

I think I left New York on a train that left some time Friday, March 3rd, at noon or in the early afternoon, meaning to get to Washington in time for dinner, and I did. I went to the old Willard Hotel. It was the only hotel I

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