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knew the name of. I didn't know about the Mayflower where Roosevelt was staying. I knew about the Shoreham and during the First World War when my husband was on the shipping Board and Henry Bruere was in Washington on many things, we used to go to the Shoreham a good deal. My husband had some rooms over on I street in the house of an old man he knew, but we used to go the Shoreham to have dinner. I did know the Shoreham therefore. However, I think the first inquiry indicated that there were no rooms available at the Shoreham, or perhaps the old Shoreham might have been gone at that time. The Shoreham building now is where the old Shoreham Hotel was. It was a very Southern hotel with magnificent Negro waiters with grey hair and fine manners. It was a beautifully conducted Southern hotel, charming, and I suppose inefficient, but nice. But I think it was gone before the inauguration.

The Willard Hotel was the only other hotel I had ever heard of. I had a terrible time getting in. The inauguration committee was taking charge of the inauguration and the incoming administration. They paid no attention to the incoming administration. They made no hotel reservations for them, didn't provide them with transportation, didn't ask them if they'd like sugar in their coffee, or what. They paid no attention. I never heard from anybody. I

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