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share it with her. She didn't want to be there alone. Why not share it together? She'd only taken it for a few months. We'd move right in. Would I do it? I thought it was a good scheme. We lived in that house for only a few months and the next autumn we took another house. This was all experimental with both of us. Neither of us had a place to lay our heads that was permanent and settled. She hadn't made up her mind if she wanted to stay on. I thought it was a very good solution for me because the house was simple. It wasn't ornate. It was the kind of place where nobody could say that the Secretary of labor was living in luxury, although it was perfectly comfortable. It wasn't one of these ornate of handsome-looking places. The main part of the house, which had long ago been cut off so that there were two separate properties, was owned by the Jouett Shouse's and they lived there. I could almost walk right to it, but I can't remember what street it was on.

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