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These first days of the administration all start to jumble together. One day moved into another with great pressure of duties, confusions, occupations, and great numbers of people whom one met and whom one had to see.

The first formal Cabinet meeting was on Tuesday, March 7, 1933. By this time I think we had all been introduced to each other, although I'm not sure. I hadn't been introduced to the Vice President, John N. Garner. That meeting was my first touch with him. I certainly knew none of the others at all. The Wallaces I knew because we had had this extraordinary experience together on Inauguration Day. Therefore they seemed more like familiars. Of course I knew Jim Farley. I knew Will Woodin. I knew Cummings very superficially. I didn't know the others at all. At least we had all met on Inauguration Day and the night we were sworn in. Anyway, I'm quite positive I had not met the Vice President. Of course, I had heard a lot about him. He was being talked about a lot in the campaign. Stories about his personality, his eccentric ways, had been broadcast. Some of his remarks were funny. Some were

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