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to tell you something. I've begun to hear things about Johnson that don't make me feel altogether too easy about it.” So the rumors had just begun.

I said, “Well, I think some of that is just ill will. Some of it is exaggerated.”

“Well, I think the President should be very careful.”

I said, “Now, listen, I haven't got too much time to tell you this, but the President is going to be careful. Because of the fact that he is going to be so careful, he is going to appoint you, the Secretary of the Interior, to be the administrator of Title II which is the public works section.”

“The hell he is!” said Harold over the telephone.

I said, “Well, now, he asked me to tell you this, Harold. He wants to announce it at Cabinet meeting. Some very distinguished foreign visitor is having lunch with him and he can't call you up. He only made his mind up to this this morning, though he's been thinking about it for a couple of days.”

“Well, he should talk to me.”

I said, “You know what the situation is. He's got a problem on his hands with Johnson. All I'm doing is to tell you that the President asked me to tell you this so that you won't be dumbfounded when he says this at Cabinet meeting,

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