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At this time also - late 1933, early 1934 - I was establishing my relations with the House and Senate Labor Committees. The Chairman of the House Labor Committee was William P. Connery, Jr., a Congressman from Massachusetts, from Lynn, Lawrence, or one of these towns. He was all right. There was nothing in the word the matter with him, except that he was kind of an excitable fellow - a not very stable, flibberty-gibbett, gone with the wind type of person. He was here today and flying around tomorrow. He was a very unstable personality, but his heart was in the right place. He had gotten to be Chairman of the House Labor Committee by seniority. He had been there long enough. I knew nothing of him, except that he was the Chairman of the Committee.

I saw him and met him all through the summer. All during that summer we were discussing the Black-Connery Bill, and I must have seen him as one of the co-authors, although Hugo Black was the man we principally discussed the Black Bill with when the NRA was being substituted for it. I Was called before the House Labor Committee to discuss the NRA

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