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merits of various agricultural management proposals, However, I did suggest, and Home Cummings backed me up on this, that they should from the very beginning proceed with open hearings and with plenty of publicity being given to the affected parties, then hearings, then a republishing of the proposed ruling before it was adopted. I thought they should follow that order of administrative law, which is all that makes it really safe and proper. I remember proposing that. At that time I was thinking about the whole pattern of administering some of these new laws giving quasi-legislative and judicial powers to executive departments, because I was setting up the organization of the Walsh-Healey Act, and had worked out a whole pattern of administration along such lines. I was thinking about the matter of administration of these acts where there were delegated powers.

However, I don't know why I particularly attended that meeting, except that it must have occurred to somebody that there were agricultural laborers. Since most of the Cabinet, outside of State, War and Navy were there, it might just be that the President had indicated that he wanted the advice of the Cabinet. I take it that this Agricultural Adjustment outfit were a high-flying set of people. I think perhaps the President felt just a little uneasy

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