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to go into a decline. There were still stores on West 47th Street which were the headquarters of the Technocrats and Technocracy. You could go in and get a pamphlet.

Technocracy was a recognition that machines had changed the world, but man's planning had not kept pace with the development of machinery. Machinery should be utilized, and it should be utilized to relieve man of the burden of labor. What was the cause of this depression, and the cause of the depressions that were to follow, was that we were still producing for profit and not for use, and that if you produced just enough for the use that you knew, you could then apportion your labor to produce just the amount of goods and services that were needed, and the wages and prices would balance. You could apportion the labor and share the work. You broke it all down so that nobody worked more than a few hours a day. Everybody would have work at a living wage, but people only worked four hours a day. Different Technocrats had different ways of figuring it, as to whether it would be three, four of five hours a day. You would thus make full use of your machinery. You would make your planning of your human activities and your utilization of the labor of human beings as efficient as the planning for the utilization of machinery.

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