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Leila Stiles, book, Man Behind Roosevelt, is a good book, which, of course, must deal with the political scene, since Louis Howe's life was to make Roosevelt President. Whatever else is thrown in is just background for him and for the period. Now, I've been asked whether anywhere she gives any clues as to what made Louis tick, what made him work, what made him want to make Roosevelt President. She doesn't give a psychological interpretation that is complete and satisfying, but she throws in a picture of him, without leaving out one wrinkle, or one mole, or one wart, or one bugeyed glance, or one bit or dandruff. She gives you a perfect picture of him, without its being a caricature.

Almost in the same way she reveals qualities of disposition, attitudes, that certainly bring Louis very clearly to your own mind, and, I think, enable the reader to make some psychological deductions as to what and why.

Someone asked me to write a review for the New Republic. The man who asked me to write the review called me up on the telephone. We talked about How a bit. He'd

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