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see me any time and he hoped I was going to be a great support to him in this, and so forth.

I went back twice to see him. I tried my best to talk him out of it. I tried my best really. He said, “Ah think the President's in favor of this. Ah think it's just along the lines of what the president promised.” Again I didn't want to commit the president because any Democratic Senator was a useful friend.

I never talked Black out of it. That bill had great standing in the Senate. If we hadn't produced the NRA, I would have produced my wage-hour act as a substitute for the Black Bill - what we later passed in '37 and '8. I had that up my sleeve, not in the final form it took, but as a pattern. Instead of all that we had the NRA, and I finally got Black to drop his pressure for the bill on the theory that the NRA, with its code arrangement by which they would agree on a pattern of hours which would take account of the same situation that he wanted to correct - namely that hours had grown too long, too few people were working too long hours, which was true all over the country - would correct that situation.

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