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Washington a while I realized that oversized invitations was a Washington custom which had never hit New York. The standard size does for the most elegant party in New York and always has, where everything is much more private. It's on a private and not a public scale.

So we had been invited by these oversized invitations to a large reception and ball at the pan American Union. That invitation came from the pan American Union. It had an awful lot of information inside of it as to where you go, where you stand in line, where this, that and the other is. It was very impressive, as Leo Rowe always would be. I got the feeling from the literature that accompanied it that it was absolutely required, that you had to go to the reception at the pan American. It was only after I got there that I realized you didn't have to go at all. That was the night of the 3rd.

I had to get Henry Bruere to pull wires with Mrs. Willard, who owned the Willard Hotel. At that time he was advising her about a great many of her properties and was attempting to straighten out some of the enormous real estate holdings that she had. The Bowery Savings Bank held a mortgage on the Willard Hotel. That was how Henry got into it. The Willard Hotel was deteriorating as a money- making proposition. He was attempting to straighten things

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