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shall hope to see you very soon.” I expected to hear from them, but I didn't. I didn't hear from a soul in the Department of Labor and I might as well not have expected.

I have heard from other of the incoming Cabinet officers that the same situation prevailed with them. They didn't hear from anybody either. I'm very sure that this prevailed in the Department of Agriculture. I don't think Henry Wallace was in touch with them. We didn't realize how little we had been provided for until the morning of Inauguration Day when we found ourselves standing on the sidewalk without means of transportation.

When I say that I didn't hear from anybody, that's not quite true. A great batch of oversized invitations in heavy white paper had come to me in New York. I Don't remember whether they came to my house or my office.

It seems to me that somebody had asked me if any member of my family would accompany me and I had replied that my daughter would. I remember the great big, heavy white paper, oversized invitations. I remember thinking, “These look too elaborate, elegant and expensive for times like these,” when everybody was out of work in New York and so far as I could read in the paper everybody was out of work everywhere else too. I remember thinking, “ This isn't quite nice.” I was impressed by the size of them. After I'd been in

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