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CCC was a wonderful enterprise.” As a matter of fact, it was not a wonderful enterprise really. It was extremely well- conducted. It made, out of what could have been a dreadful flop and a dreadful hazard, a project that was intelligent, well-behaved, and therefore is well thought of in the community. We did it by getting the Army to run it, the Forest Service to direct its work. We kept them in order and the Forest Service selected good projects. Although it was an expensive form of relief, it accomplished a good deal and was invaluable in the training of young men.

The WPA was much larger and wasn't given to a selected group of superior people off the relief rolls, but was available to anybody. Because of that it ran into all the local animosities and all that kind of thing. I'm also sure that there must have been some improper operation, but for the most part it was very well done.

The launching of the WPA was the important thing at these early Cabinet conferences. After that we began to focus on public works. I corralled my allies and kept it alive. I never let a Cabinet meeting go by without speaking of it. I never saw the President alone that I didn't speak of it. I realized that Lewis Douglas was opposing it. He was invited to a Cabinet meeting. Whenever I would raise the matter in Cabinet meeting, he would never discuss it. He

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