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At one Cabinet meeting - Lewis Douglas, Director of the Bureau of the Budget, was not present - I was proposing that we vote that day, with no bones about it, to put in a bill for public works. Henry Wallace said, “Mr. President, I have just this morning heard of a very brilliant scheme, which is much better, much more stimulating than public works on the total effect of our economy. It will perhaps embrace some public works, but in such a way as to get the utmost of stimulation of industry and getting the wheels to turn around. I've just heard it. I don't think we should commit ourselves to a straight public works program such as Miss Perkins and Ickes are suggesting, until we have had an opportunity to examine this scheme.”

The President said, “What's the scheme?” Wallace said, “It's a scheme of organized self-stimulation of business and enterprise.” I think it was that time that he said that Tugwell was working on it.

The President said, “Oh, yes, I know. ‘So-and-So' is working on it.” He named three or four other people who were working on it.

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