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I said, “Would that be the scheme that Senator Wagner and that little fellow from Rochester are working on?”

“Yeah, probably,” said the President.

I, of course, still continued to press for public works, but Henry had stirred the imagination of the Cabinet and they said, “Let's hear what the scheme is.” None of us knew what it was, least of all the President. I said, “I don't know anything about it, Mr. President. I don't know what this great scheme is. I've just heard rumor s about it. Wallace doesn't know anything about it. He just heard about it this morning, and only as a rumor. Do you know any details?”

No, he didn't know any details. Then just at that time Douglas came into the room. He was late. The President said, “What about this, Douglas? Do you know anything about this scheme that they're working on to stimulate industry, by not entirely public works?”

“Yes,” said Douglas, looking very simple and very pious. He said, “Yes, Mr. President. This is the thing that I told you I wanted you to look into. I wanted to talk to you about it.” That was a characteristic remark of his - “I'd like to talk to you about it.”

At any rate, as the result of this conversation in Cabinet meeting, I became seriously concerned as to what

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