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but he had the privilege of asking for secretarial help from the Department of Commerce.

I said to him, “It's too late to go back to your office now. I'll take you home.” I've for gotten what hotel they were living at. I went on to say, “Now, I suggest that you tell Mrs. Johnson this tonight and tell it to her in just the way that I'm going to tell it to the press - that you asked the President to be relieved of Title II because you thought the other work was so important that you wanted to give your full time to it.”

I never thought of that until just that minute. As I saw myself delivering him to Mrs. Johnson, I realized that he would go through all this with Mrs. Johnson again, and that she would not be a cooling effect, but a sympathetic wife, telling him that he'd been done evil to. She would get him all worked up again and we might have him on our hands again. Just realizing that, I quickly thought, “What is he going to tell his wife?” So I told him what to say. After I went away I realized that that was a good idea I had had, because that saved his face, not only with her, but with others. I decided that I would see that the press knew that. So we parted on that tone.

By the next morning he was all right. He told the press, and I told the press, that he had asked to be relieved

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