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There was a great deal of serious work done in the NRA. Certainly I never saw any enterprise into which the citizens generally entered more heartily and with more good faith. It was a very fine staff of ardent and devoted people who believed in the possibilities of this project to pull the industrial life of the United States out of the bog, get the wheels turning over again, and therefore get employment going.

One of the parts of the NRA was this consumers' project of Mrs. Rumsey's. That was always kind of a third leg or fifth wheel. It had a very good idea back of it and she had good ideas about it, but Johnson began to use it in a attempt to have them support him when either the Labor Advisory Committee or the Employers' Advisory Committee didn't want to support him, or didn't agree with him about some thing or other. So it was always creating a problem, and a problem for Mrs. Rumsey. He didn't see anything under him as a free agency. When either the labor or employer people kicked up and didn't seem to want to go along with him, he wanted the Consumers' Advisory Committee to come in and side with him.

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